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TYT Electronics boast 15 years of experience in two-way radio manufacture. We offer in-house design and production service of shells, antennas, keypads and more. Our 20 R&D engineers have ten years of industry experience on average, and most of them have worked for well-known enterprises like Kenwood and Marantz. We use state-of-the-art machines for R&D such as signal generators, HP network analyzers, RF testing machines and more. We have our own molding factory to offer customized samples for you. And our in-house molding development ensures both prompt delivery and reliable quality. By now we have 20 models for your selection. Our QC team consists of over 15 members with eight years of experience on average. They carry out strict tests at every step. We offer a one-year warranty for our products. OEM/ODM orders accepted. Our 10,000-square-meter factory is equipped with six auto SMT lines from Yamaha. We can release 50,000 two-way radios every month. And your minimum order quantity of 100 units is available within seven days.

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TYT MD-9600 DB DMR двухдиапазонная аналогово-цифровая радиостанция
136-174 и 400-470 МГц; 50 Вт, DMR и аналог, скремблер/шифрование, режим ввода частоты
  • Артикул: TYT MD9600
  • Наличие: в наличии
TYT TH-9800 четырёхдиапазонная радиостанция, кросс-бэнд репитер, скремблер
27-29/47-51/430/144 MHz, 50 W, cross band repeater, AM/FM, AVIA
  • Артикул: TYT TH-9800
  • Наличие: в наличии
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